Metal welding is based on different welding technologies.

MIG / MAG welding. It is a semi-automatic welding method that is suitable for welding simple large metal structures. Welding with a semi-automatic equipment by using inert protective gas that do not react with melted metal or electrode or active protective gas allowing for more automated welding process and quality of the product.

TIG welding. Welding in an argon environment with wolfram electrode. TIG is used for welding specific constructions that require precision and high quality. Although TIG welding requires more accuracy, however, in terms of quality, this method is more valued. Since this method is suitable for welding extremely thin structures (0.3-3 mm), it is also applied for electronic cards and similar parts.

Welding with electrodes. It is a manual, the most simple, oldest and universal welding method that is suitable for the majority of metals, structures of more than 3 mm that are used under various different conditions.

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